about me

I like crafting stories with words and pictures, sometimes video and audio too. 

Unfortunately I’m not Stephen King or John Grisham, so I write emails to your clients instead, for money. 

Emails that engage, inform, entertain even, but never bore.

I write emails that will enthral your prospects, engage them and make them want to know more…they should really be waiting for your next email just after they read today’s!

Email marketing is like having a penpal. Lots of them. You ask questions, you listen, you add, you share, you joke (careful unless/until you know them very well)

No I don’t use one of these although sometimes I wish I could


It is the most powerful marketing you can do both to attract/engage your ideal potential client and build relationships with your existing clients. 

But this is meant to be about me, isn’t it?

I’ve had lots of jobs, most of them have been sales roles but a fair few haven’t. Some were in insurance too, and one was commission only, sell or starve.  (Now I’m borderline unemployable)

In almost all those jobs, I wrote letters, faxes (remember them?) and other marketing material to generate leads.

Most of those letters etc., worked, and I loved crafting them and making sure they read well but more importantly, that they got results. Looking back, I should have gone freelance a long time ago but for various reasons I won’t bore you with, I didn’t. 

I did sign up for a few copywriting course though before I took the plunge on my own, you can read about them on this page – 7 Damn Good Reasons Why You Should Hire Me

I am here to help you now though. Drop me a line via email with whatever you have in mind and we’ll take it from there…