7 Damn Good Reasons To Hire Me


I’m the email copywriter. You can chat with your ideal potential clients in your voice, in a language & tone they will relate and respond to. I just write the words

        You have read about me. You know I can write copy and I can sell. Copywriting is purely a combination of the two but I adapt the copy to suit your ideal potential client and your ‘voice’

        You only have to explain what you do and how you do it once. I pick things up easily, I just need to ask you a few         questions about your ideal clients

You don’t have to pay crazy London rates. I’m based in rural Kent so no equally crazy overheads!

You can rest assured I never miss deadlines. Ever.

You’ll find me easy to deal with, I’m informal yet always professional

It’s not about you, I mean, it is. But it’s about mainly about your existing and prospective clients. That’s why Reason #7 doesn’t start with ‘You’.

Bonus reason #1 – I’ve studied copywriting for probably longer than strictly necessary and I’ve done the A.W.A.I. course, John Carlton’s Kick Ass Copywriting course and finally Ben Settle’s Crypto Copywriting course

Now they are all direct response style copy courses and they’re very good.

But sometimes you don’t want salesy, sometimes you want a nice easy chat with your prospect, so…

I also signed up for  Nick Usborne’s Conversational Copywriting course which is excellent, so far. I say that because I haven’t completed it yet, but so far so pretty good. 

Basically, I never stop trying to learn and perfect my craft so you think I’m even more amazing.

Bonus reason #2 – I always try to over deliver! OK that’s me done. Why not drop me a line, via email naturally, and let me know what you have in mind?

Speak to you soon, hopefully,