Those 3 Words That Mean So Much…


Not the 3 words you say to your wife, husband, significant other…

I’m talking about 3 words that could transform your business almost overnight. As you get to know me, you will come to realise that I don’t ‘do’ hype or any kind of B.S for that matter.

But once you understand the importance of these 3 words and what they could mean to your business, you will be ‘switched on’ I promise you.

So, enough. The 3 words are

Ideal Potential Client


If you don’t already, you need to know exactly

who they are,
where they are
how to reach them.
Where they hang out,
what media they use,
do they use Facebook, LInkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus?
do they read books or prefer their Kindle?

You think I’m exaggerating?


I’m not suggesting you get all ‘dark arts’ like Facebook, Google or Amazon, just build a comprehensive profile or Avatar of your ideal potential client.

The more you know, the easier, and more cost effective your direct marketing will be, especially your email marketing.

But there’s another massive benefit in identifying who your ideal potential client is…

This will save you so much time and money and allow you to focus 100% on the people you want to help who will pay you money and recommend you to their colleagues and peers.

The massive benefit/payoff is, as if you hadn’t already guessed…

You get rid of everyone else who isn’t your ideal potential client.

(Now its quite possible you have already done this exercise and weeded out the people who don’t fit. If you still have their details, please don’t delete/dispose of it just yet. I can show you a way to profit from it)

But getting back to your email marketing…

As you’ve read in ‘7 Proven Ways To Turbocharge Your Emails’, emails are 1-1.

You build a relationship with your ideal potential client, you chat to them as if you were enjoying a coffee together. You share information, anecdotes, resources with words, images and video.

Those emails will be a lot easier to write IF you have identified and built a profile of your ideal potential client.

As I mentioned earlier, maybe you’ve already done this, you’ve read ‘7 Proven Ways’ but for one reason or another, you need some help.

Send me an email, outline what you need or what the issue is and we’ll start The Conversation

Speak soon,


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