what I do

I’m an email copywriter. I write emails that engage, inform and generate qualified leads from your ideal potential clients. I’ll write emails to your prospects in a tone and language they will understand and relate to, and persuade them to feel like they can trust you enough to buy from you.

Hopefully, whatever product or service you sell does exactly what it says on the tin. This will make your ongoing emails to your new client(s)  life a lot easier….

TRUST is paramount. You must make your prospect feel like they can trust you. Feel is in italics there because your prospect will not know he/she can trust you until they have tried your product or service and discovered that you do indeed deliver on your promises.

Once trust is established, you can build on it.

Trust Can Be Gained Through Emails

You become a trusted advisor to your client, they will keep coming back to you for advice and will buy other products and services you may offer that will help them.

But the golden thread throughout this process is communication.

Both verbal and written, as in emails.

Emails are the modern letter, but with added features/functions.

For example, you can add pictures, video and audio if it helps to deliver your message.

Pen-pal letters – just like emails – Add some colour with pictures, video and sound

Remember pen-pals? You slowly build relationships by getting to know your pen-pal better, you share stories and information including photos. You develop that relationship principally through 1-1 written communication.

That’s exactly what email marketing is all about.

Storytelling, sharing, recommending…

That’s why I’m an email copywriter. I write emails that will help you to build a relationship with your ideal potential clients. You can discover more about them, and in the context of trying to turn them into a loyal paying client, qualify them as your ideal potential client, or not.

I’m an email copywriter because I love the dynamics and possibilities of email marketing. It beats social media marketing hands down.

I weave narrative around you, your team, your products and services, your process (pre-eminent advertising) case histories and of course, testimonial/reviews. It’s powerful stuff and I love getting involved. (You can read some examples of my copywriting here…)

Why not drop me a line via email tell me your story and we’ll start the Conversation…