about me

Hi, I’m Andrew Harkin – I’m an email copywriter. I write emails that generate more leads and more sales for your business.

“You need more leads or more sales – I can help. Book a call with me now https://calendly.com/emailcopywriteruk/15min

I spent years perfecting the art of being unemployable

In hindsight (ain’t that a wonderful thing?) I probably definitely should have concentrated on my career instead of partying like Pablo Escobar…

But then – despite numerous & none too subtle clues I was too busy to notice – I realised something…

I’m actually bloody good at writing words that get people to do something

Then I realised something else (I was on a roll now) – I specifically loved writing emails and the people who read them loved ‘em too! 

Even better, my emails were successful, people were answering my call to action, whatever it happened to be. 

So that’s what I do now – I write emails and email marketing series – for businesses who need more leads and/or more sales.

Is that you? chances are you’re leaving money on a table somewhere…

If you feel you should be making more money than you are, I can help.

email andrew@emailcopywriter.co.uk or book a call with me now