about me

Hi, I’m Andrew Harkin – I’m an email copywriter. I write emails that make people do things, like buy your products & services.

But that isn’t all. Your call to action could be to download your ebook, sign up for your webinar, watch your incredibly cool video or listen to the latest episode of your podcast…

But first, a very short bit about me…

I spent years perfecting the art of being unemployable

In hindsight (ain’t that a wonderful thing?) I probably definitely should have concentrated on my career instead of partying like a drug baron…

But then – then…I realised something…

I’m actually bloody good at writing words that get people to do something

Then I realised something else – I specifically loved writing emails and the people who read them loved ‘em too! 

Those emails were successful, people were answering my call to action, whatever it happened to be. 

So I decided to hang out my shingle as an email copywriter for businesses who need more leads and/or more sales.

I won’t lie, the kind of emails I usually write for clients are around the 350-500 word mark, I didn’t fancy the prospect of writing l-o-n-g sales letters, white papers or case studies or product descriptions.

(Even though I still do some of that for 2 clients)

No, I love writing emails, it’s a 1-1 between you and your prospect or client. An informal chat…

As informal as the tone might be though, there’s always a call to action in there, even if you just ask them to ‘like’ or follow you on social media.

To discover more, check out my newsletter? it’s called Marketing Advice and you can get it here…

That’s quite enough about me. Let’s get back to you and your business. Unless you’re in the fast food retail space then I can help you make more money with email marketing.

email andrew@emailcopywriter.co.uk or book a call with me now