50 Ways To Leave Your Lover…

Hello, thanks for meeting me here…

Well I’m out here at the kitchen table on a Saturday afternoon drafting copy and making a few notes along the way. Got the radio on in the background and they just played that song.

Paul Simon wrote ‘50 Ways’ back in 1975 after he divorced from his first wife and it reached #1 in the Billboard chart in February ‘76 – always liked it. 

Anyway, why am I sharing this with you? 

Well, as much as I’d love to write songs – and I would – I’m no Paul Simon so I better stick to what I’m good at which is writing emails

Which sort of leads me on to this. You own or run a business, so I’m sure you know, there are only 3 ways to grow your business:  

  1. Get customers to spend more per order
  2. Get customers to order more often
  3. Get more customers

If you achieve those aims then you make more money and work less. 

That isn’t a pipe dream, you can get there much sooner than you think…

If you sell services –   you need qualified leads 

If you sell products –  you need more sales/orders, on autopilot 

Imagine prospects & clients coming to you…instead of you chasing them…

What would it be like to have passive income on autopilot? 

(Maybe you could think of 50 ways to treat your lover)

If you’d like to find out, book a call with me now –