Are you the Billy Graham of YOUR world?

Billy Graham – Pastor & Evangelist

Go on, who the hell is Billy Graham? OK fair enough. 

He was arguably the most famous pastor and Christian evangelist in America and the rest of the world for over 60 years before he died in 2018 at the grand old age of 99. 

His audience was huge, regularly selling out massive stadiums wherever he went, spreading the word…

He even counselled & spoke at Presidential rallies including North Korea, and found time to write 30 books. So you could say he was prolific. 

I assume you know what an evangelist is but just in case..

“Evangelist” – someone who talks about something with great enthusiasm

And Billy Graham was enthusiastic about his message, he spoke with absolute conviction because he believed 100% in his message, his ‘product’ if you like.  

So that’s why I ask, are you the Billy Graham of your world? 

  1. You have an audience aka your prospects & clients. 
  1. You have a message about your products/services

Are you delivering that message to your audience with belief and conviction? 

I’ve written before about 3 things you need to build a successful business (I’ll dig it out sometime) but they are: 

  1. A product or service that does exactly what it says on the tin (prizes for those who remember which product used that line) 
  1. Absolute faith and belief in what you offer. You need #1 for this of course. 
  1. And to know exactly who your ideal client is. Build an avatar. 

If you have those 3 you’re all set in my opinion. 


I’m guessing you’re not going to go and book Wembley stadium or Old Trafford when you’ve finished reading this are you? 

So how are you going to deliver your message? 

What is the best way to show your prospect and clients what you do, how you do it and what’s in it for them? And make it seem like you’re enjoying a 1-1 chat over a coffee, just you and them? 

Say you want to share something with them, a video clip or a podcast episode maybe, or a webinar that you think would help them? 

Your solution is of course, email marketing. 

Emails are 1-1, like having a penpal. You share anecdotes, stories, resources and get to know your prospect or client even better, you build a long and mutually beneficial relationship with them.

And when that happens, they’ll buy from you, more often, and spend more. And more than likely, recommend their peers, friends and colleagues to give you a try too. 

As it happens, I’m an evangelist too, an email evangelist. 

But I won’t preach to you, I’ll just listen and help you deliver your message to your audience using the most effective marketing method known to man. 

You know where I am…