Before the internet became a thing…

before the internet, we actually wrote letters to each other

Way back when it was a glint in Tim Berners-Lee’s eyes, there was such as thing as penpals. 

Yes, you heard me, penpals. 

You wrote letters to someone, possibly in some other part of the country or even overseas, and they would write & send letters back to you, in the good old postal service. 

You’d swap stories, tell them about your life, your family, friends, school or work. You’d swap photos of your house, family friends, your home town, your car maybe and even your pets if either of you had them

Basically, you established and developed a relationship with your penpal and got to know them and their lives, sometimes even better than people in your own street, village or town. 

It was a 1-1 thing, you asked questions and answered them,shared jokes and sympathised over the sad stuff. 

Then came the internet and with it, email

On the whole, yay! 

I must admit, I’m a tactile person and an undying romantic. I love vinyl for example, and the art of placing the needle in the groove to play the LP you just bought whilst you admired the artwork on the album sleeve…

So I’m pleased that vinyl is enjoying something of a renaissance now. 

And – despite what I do for a living – I also love & miss the art of letter writing, there was something quite special about receiving a handwritten letter addressed to you wasn’t there? 

But we move on. Email is possibly THE most versatile, fast and cheap method of communicating virtually anywhere in the world. 

You can write text, you can add links to social media, your podcast or a video and you can include photos too of course. 

And as I said, it’s fast. Well most of the time it is. 

You can also send the same email to more than one or include others. 

Try doing that with just one letter! 

So it’s an incredible tool. Not surprising why it’s the most effective direct marketing channel – EVER 

Effective as in it returns somewhere around £45 for every £1 invested. Where else would you get an ROI like that? Not a Facebook or Google ad, and definitely not your social media profiles. 

You can make penpals from your prospects & clients. Establish and develop relationships, write to them as if you were chatting to them over a coffee, 1-1. 

Whether you sell products or services, email marketing can generate qualified leads and/or sell your products on autopilot, it’s passive income on tap! 

Are you making money every time you send an email to your prospects and clients? 

If the answer is no, book a 15 minute (free) call with me and we’ll see if we can’t change that asap.