Can you sell services by email?

Well you would expect me to answer with an emphatic yes wouldn’t you? 

But I get asked this question quite a lot. 

I suppose when you think about selling by email – if you think about it at all –  you might picture an email from a retailer with a few product descriptions and a ‘buy it now’ or ‘add to basket’ button underneath or to the side. 

Fair play. I get a fair few of them myself. 

Ecommerce businesses use email marketing – A LOT. 

So it’s a natural question about selling services by email. And now I’m going to answer it as best I can. 

Let’s say you’re an accountant. You really want to gee up your pipeline and get a few new clients (we’ll talk about your existing clients in an upcoming post so don’t fret, but for now, bear with…) 

How do you get new clients? You have 3 options: 

  1. Organic reach through regular blogging/SEO
  2. Pay per click ads with Google and/or Facebook 
  3. Referrals from your network

There are benefits to all these options of course. And drawbacks. 

Organic reach through regular blogging/SEO is effective if it’s done consistently and with ‘good practice’ but it’s time intensive and a medium to long term strategy. 

PPC ads can be highly targetted so you can identify and reach out to your ideal potential clients. Both Google & Facebook ads are becoming extremely expensive relative to what they were previously but if you can pre-qualify those leads this option is probably your best bet 

Referrals are and always have been the best lead you can get. But you can’t force the pace on those, assuming you have set up a decent network already you just have to help those leads as and when they come in…

Let’s assume you went for PPC ads and got a few leads, qualified to some extent.

Now you need to begin a relationship with them 1-1. Step #1 in the Know, Like Trust process.

It’s a ‘getting-to-know-you’ exercise. And the single best way to achieve that is with email (especially if you ask me to write them for you) 

There are at least a dozen types of email you can send to begin building a relationship with your ideal potential client (currently a hot prospect) and you can find them in Email Inspiration – my short but fun email guide I wrote for you, check it now by popping your name & email address in the box just there to the right…

I’m not going to spoil the guide for you, you get it delivered to your inbox over the next 7 days

Enjoy it, then click on this link to book a 15 minute call with me and I’ll help you win new clients with email or I’ll eat my hat…

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