How to start email marketing from scratch…

You know how I’m always imploring you to send regular & consistent emails to your prospects and clients? 

But what if you have nothing set up right now, zilch. 

There are 2 scenarios: 

  1. You have email addresses for prospects but have never done anything with them, marketing wise. Well, maybe or two sporadic emails but nothing of note
  1. You only have email addresses for your clients but again, apart from transactional emails, nothing doing marketing wise. 
  1. Actually there is a 3rd scenario – the horror scenario – no emails for either prospects or clients. Wow, see me after school…

Let’s deal with scenario #1 – prospect database but no email marketing activity. 

On an ongoing basis, we’re going to set up an email capture form or landing page on your website and a Welcome sequence of emails that you send to them automatically. 

But right now, you need to write an email to your existing prospects and tell them why you’re writing, explain what you’re doing and why and give them an incentive to stay subscribed to your newsletter. 

Don’t be fazed, your newsletter can be as simple as your regular blog posts every day or week. There are tons of ideas for what to write in your emails, I’ve covered some of them in this handy guide called Email Inspiration – pop your name & email in the box just here to the right of this post…

The most important thing is that you begin communicating with them, find a reason to write to them every day or week and give them a damn good reason to keep reading your emails. 

Entertain them, inform them, give them value

Now, scenario #2 you have email addresses for your clients but apart from invoices and statements, you’ve done nothing marketing wise. 

That’s OK, you’ll follow the same steps as scenario #1 except…

Your clients trust you, they have already bought from you. So they should welcome your email as they know you. But you still need to tell them why you’re getting in touch & what’s in it for them. 

Build on that trust you have already established, ask them what they love about your product or service and how you can make it better. 

Ask them for a video testimonial or review – bribe them with a treat/discount/incentive of some description, again, ask them what they’d like in exchange…

I can’t repeat or stress this often enough, keep communicating, entertain and inform and yes, sell. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to sell. Give them the opportunity to buy from you more often. 

And give them the opportunity to spend more on each order. 

All this can be set up with a simple system so those emails go out automatically so you can get on with running your business. 

But how good would it be to have an automatic selling machine generating passive income every day/week/month? 

Now, before I go, what to do if you’re scenario #3…

Hmm..seriously, email and tell me what you do, what you sell, who you sell it to and how you sell it (online, over the phone, walk-in, whatever) 

I’m sure I can help you make more money with email marketing. 

Meanwhile, if you’re in scenarios #1 or #2 and you’d like to get your show together, book a call with me now and we’ll get the ball rolling…