I’m back

Last year, almost to the day, I resigned from my full time, permanent job which I loved – for the most part – brilliant company to work for. 

And decided to go freelance as a copywriter. 

Two weeks later Covid19 kicked off and it soon became very clear it wasn’t going away anytime soon….

‘What a wonderful sense of timing I have’ – isn’t what I thought.

I bagged one wonderful client – who remains with me to this day – and did a few other one off projects for local businesses but they were understandably wary about spending money just then

So I concentrated on getting regular non-copywriting work because, well because you gotta keep the lights on haven’t you? 


A year later and here we are, emerging – hopefully – from the 3rd & final lockdown and the global economy including ours is showing signs of coming back to life. 

I pressed ‘restart’ – set up my new website and started prospecting again. 

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I love writing copy, especially emails, and I love being freelance. 

So if you’re reading this and thinking, I/we really need more cash – either through qualified leads or more orders/sales – I can help. 

Check out my website & get in touch