Less Is MORE Amigo

“The fewer the words, the better the prayer” – Martin Luther King


Are you guilty of rambling on when you write something? An email, web page copy? Your resignation letter? even a ‘Dear John’ note?

(I am too. I know! You’d think I’d have had it beaten out of me by now wouldn’t you? so I’m not preaching, I’m occasionally as guilty as hell)

With any piece of (business) writing, this is a general rule of thumb: 

1 – Decide what your objective is 

2 – Keep your sentences (13-15 words) & paragraphs short

3 – Give them a compelling reason to answer your CTA (call to action) whatever it is.

If you want more leads or more sales with your emails, keep them concise and to the point. That doesn’t mean pithy one word sentences. But you shouldn’t still be gabbing away after 500 words – maximum.

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In the meantime, enjoy your weekend,