Aswell as writing emails that generate more leads and more sales, I also write website copy including product or service descriptions.

www.kentsectional.co.uk and their sister business www.ksbpoolsandtubs.com

So chuffed they wrote this lovely wee message…

“Andrew redesigned our website almost 2 years ago, and re-wrote most of the copy and content including the newsletter and our social media profiles. He has managed to capture our ethos & culture here at Kent Sectional Buildings and convey that across the website. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him” 

C. Griffin – Kent Sectional Buildings

Emails remain my first love though, here are a few examples. I’ve written a lot more for various clients and employers over the years but either don’t have access to them or not allowed to reproduce them here.

A brief selection…

Subject: Isn’t it time this farce ended? https://tinyurl.com/4hx92jxv