How to start email marketing from scratch…

You know how I’m always imploring you to send regular & consistent emails to your prospects and clients?  But what if you have nothing set up right now, zilch.  There are 2 scenarios:  You have email addresses for prospects but have never done anything with them, marketing wise. Well, maybe or two sporadic emails but … Read more

Are you the Billy Graham of YOUR world?

Go on, who the hell is Billy Graham? OK fair enough.  He was arguably the most famous pastor and Christian evangelist in America and the rest of the world for over 60 years before he died in 2018 at the grand old age of 99.  His audience was huge, regularly selling out massive stadiums wherever … Read more

Why I Do What I Do

I was thinking about this the other day whilst waiting for my wife to emerge from Marks & Spencer (so I had a while…) And then I was reminded to add a portfolio to my website to show interested peeps examples of my extensive back catalogue… Whilst I was compiling that portfolio, trawling through my hard drive and Google … Read more

How To Make As Much Money As Possible From Your Existing Clients

Another crude headline, what is it with me lately? Andrew HarkinSep 18, 2020 I could have written – How To Look After Your Ideal Clients or  How To Maximise Your Income But would you have clicked on the link?  As crude as the top headline is, it works. Why? Because it appeals to one of … Read more

How much money did your latest client cost you?

I mean, what did it cost you to acquire them?  Unless it was a referral (in which case, well done) then you have some sort of cost. Whatever your current marketing strategy, SEO /content, PPC, Youtube videos, podcast etc..  Is that an average figure? Do you know how much it costs you to acquire a … Read more

Before the internet became a thing…

Way back when it was a glint in Tim Berners-Lee’s eyes, there was such as thing as penpals.  Yes, you heard me, penpals.  You wrote letters to someone, possibly in some other part of the country or even overseas, and they would write & send letters back to you, in the good old postal service.  … Read more

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover…

Hello, thanks for meeting me here… Well I’m out here at the kitchen table on a Saturday afternoon drafting copy and making a few notes along the way. Got the radio on in the background and they just played that song. Paul Simon wrote ‘50 Ways’ back in 1975 after he divorced from his first … Read more