what I do

I’m an email copywriter. I write emails that get your prospects or clients to do something…

That could be to download your ebook, sign up for your webinar, watch your really funny video or buy your widget or whatever it is you sell…

Point is, they answer your CTA – call to action

That’s the 2nd objective of your email. The first? get them to open it!

Anyway, I provide 3 specific services: 

Broadcast emails – these are emails to your prospect or client list that can go out daily, 2-3 times a week, even twice a day…

Discover more about them here…

Welcome Email Sequences – Also known as ‘onboarding’ sequences these are a set of emails designed to welcome a prospect or client to your services/products or to a specific theme or perhaps a new product or service launch

Cart Abandonment Email Sequences –  if you sell products from your website this is a no-brainer. How many orders are left in your clients baskets every hour/day/week/month? why not send them a series of reminders? a gentle ‘nudge’? if only 10% of those returned & checked out how much money would you have?

These sequences can consist of 5, 7, 10 (or more) emails and are automated, using an ESP (email service provider) – I recommend Convertkit

If you own or run a business then you know there are only 3 ways to grow your business.

Get your clients to spend more each time they order

Get your clients to order more often and

Get more clients!

There is one single solution to help you achieve those objectives and it is

Email Marketing

What’s next?

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