Why Should Anyone Want Regular Emails From You?

 (By ‘anyone’ I mean your prospects & clients) 

Why though? Because you’re ‘good people’? You have a nice smile? 

Or is it because you’re really funny? It could be all those things, I’m sure it is. But…

Unlikely if we’re honest (sorry) – truth is they already get enough stuff in their email without you joining the party.  So I ask again, why should they hop on to your list? 

We’re both familiar with WIFM by now – What’s In it For Me? 

There’s a reason it’s stuck around for centuries, it’s the truth. We all want to know what’s in it for us don’t we? 

So you need to give your prospect or client a reason to want your emails. A value packed incentive, something that will really help & engage them. 

There are 3 main methods to deliver this value: 

1 – The good old – and some argue –  ‘ubiquitous’ free report. Usually delivered in PDF format. It could be a Q&A, if your product or service is quite technical it could be a White Paper (research doc) or it could be a tip sheet, “Lost for words? How to never worry about what to write in your emails ever again’ – whatever it is, it needs to deliver value. 

2 – Or you could present a webinar or series of webinars about your latest or key product(s) or service(s).You can present this/these webinars live or you can record them 

The principal benefit of recording live is so you can both ask & answer questions from your attendees and interact with them there and then. This really helps to build engagement and qualify your prospects as strong leads – or not as the case my be. 

As you can imagine, there are a plethora of software platforms you can use – click here for a round-up of the best in 2021  

3 – And last by but no means least – you simply record a video presentation. This could you or one of your team speaking to camera or if you’re painfully shy, you could instead produce an ‘explainer’ video. 

You can upload to Youtube (restricted to private if you wish) or you can use Vimeo if you refer. 

One drawback with a video is that isn’t live, so you can’t do a Q&A. However I guess you could choose Facebook Live but I have zero experience or knowledge in that court….

If you choose either webinar or video you might want to provide a PDF transcript as a supplement too. Some of us like to read whilst others prefer video or audio. 

To sum up, there are 3 ways you can present and provide value to your prospects & clients. Last week I wrote a post about ‘How To start email marketing from scratch’ – 

What better way to get your prospects and clients onboard than offering them a free webinar? They can ask you questions and get answers on the spot! 

Go create and get more (qualified) leads